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do-good-here empowers those

working for positive change.

We are design thinkers

helping social sector organizations

to maximize their positive impact.


our vision is to empower those

working for positive change


we believe that bringing people together

to explore problems and

find solutions with empathy & creativity

can unlock the potential to do things better.

our mission 

is to use design thinking to co-create solutions

in purpose-setting, storytelling & fundraising

for organizations in the social sector

to maximize their positive impact.

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what we do  

when social sector organizations struggle with innovative skills, they fall short of their desired impact.The challenges these organizations face internally, hold them back and deprive society of positive change. 

Just imagine the good we could do if we set our social sector up for success with the best practices of co-creation, innovation and continuous community support.  


What is the problem?


In the exploration phase, we narrow in on your challenge. 

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How might we solve it together?

In the co-creation phase, we build your team's capacity up in:

  • Business model for impact: defining how you create value for your desired impact

  • Pitching with purpose: telling the most compelling story for major donors

  • Fundraising for sustainability: creating your best private donor experience


Can you do this once we're gone?

In the continuous learning phase, you become part of our community for:

  • Design Thinking boot camps: build up  your team's skills holistically

  • Ad-hoc support: tap into the global pool  of our expert community 

  • Resources: find best practices & more 

  • Network: connect & learn from others 

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our impact 

have a look at our exemplary case study with ROCK YOUR LIFE

-  a nonprofit mentoring program in need of funding

the challenge

Redesign the online experience to grow donations from individual donors 

the outcome

A gratifying end-to-end giving experience for key donor personas

the impact

An empowered RYL team and a 60% increase in online donations.


Stefan Schabernak, Founder and CEO of ROCK YOUR LIFE

"The whole experience was really valuable to us. We are very happy with our new fundraising strategy and have witnessed a 60% increase in donations in the first month. I would highly recommend do-good-here."

sharing knowledge 

read the latest articles about innovating for good on our blog:

Melody Song MA CFRE has 15+ years of experience in nonprofit management, data science, and fundraising. Her career spans across Asia, Europe and North America, in several sectors including Arts, Education, Health, Animal Welfare, and Wildlife Conservation.  

Originally from Beijing, Melody holds a Master's degree in Communications from the University of Calgary. She is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and an IDEO-certified Design Thinker. Melody is also a MBA lecturer with Berlin International University.  

She loves to travel, dance, arts and Tai Chi.


Melody Song

Nikolina has 8+ years of experience in the private and public sector with roles dedicated to changing mindsets and behavior. She has worked with EY's C-level to activate a multi-stakeholder business shift and in leading positions in the nonprofit and start-up field. 

Nikolina holds a Master's degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. She is an IDEO-certified Design Thinker.

She loves to kick-box and read, photograph loved ones and spend time with friends and family.


Nikolina Romana Milunovic

Global Community

To answer our client's challenges to the best of our abilities, we include our global community of IDEO-certified designers - all of whom with a vast experience in working with innovation in the social sector.


our people 


Melody and Nikolina met at IDEO - an international design thinking agency. They share a deep motivation to use their expertise for positive change.

IDEO-certified Designers


get in touch  

contact us with your request. We are looking forward to co-creating your future together.

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