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what we do 

When cause-based organizations struggle with innovative skills, they fall short of their desired impact. The challenges NGOs and nonprofits face internally, hold them back and deprive society of positive change.


Just imagine the good we could do if we set our civil society up for success with the best practices of co-creation and innovation.

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What problem are you looking at?


In the exploration phase, we narrow in on your challenge. 

How might we solve it?

In co-creation phase, we build your team's capacity up in one or more of these fields:

  • Purpose for impact: (re-)defining your organization's north star

  • Storytelling for visibility: telling the most compelling story for your target group

  • Fundraising for sustainability: creating your best donor experience


Can you do this once we're gone?

In the continuous learning phase, you become part of our community to:

  • Build up your team's expertise in foundations of Design Thinking

  • Connect with Design Thinking professionals for ad-hoc requests

  • Find resources for self-study 

  • Network with peers

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